Saturday, December 23, 2006

My first time

I admit it. I'm a virgin blogger.

These are the musings of a sometimes life coach, sometimes psychotherapist. They may be useful to you.

Did I say the right thing to the guy who is contemplating writing a book about necrophilia? First secret: I worry about whether I've said the right thing. Lesson: I say it (or something) anyway.

Should I be spending precious time blogging when I could be working on my novel, memoir or doing something else perhaps a tad more productive. Next secret: I worry about whether I do the right thing. Lesson: I forge ahead despite qualms. I can change course later if necessary.

This is boring and it's not sexy. Another secret: I worry that I'm not interesting or exciting. Lesson: I act as if I'm both. Why not?

Next up, perhaps it's too early to commit to something, I'll just go with my muse.