Monday, February 25, 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

I love the movies. Of course, I had to watch the academy awards to see the rich and famous do their thing. And what’s up with our fascination with the dark side this year? Well maybe it’s not just this year. After all, the Hitchcock scenes are timeless (Cary Grant running in that field) and definitely dark.

The awards themselves are a great example of gratitude at work. Thanking people for their hard work in a public forum watched by millions. Okay, less millions than usual, but millions nevertheless.

My community has a heart of the community award given annually to several people who have provided community service par excellence. The chamber gives an award, the optimist club and so on. More gratitude.

So for those that pooh- pooh Oscar, just think of it as gratitude to those fabulous artists who make us laugh, cry, dream, and, best of all, think.


Think about this: Should Jesse James, Anton Chugurh, and Daniel Plainview all have been on meds? Did any of them have any redeeming qualities? Why did Anton get to walk away?

What about Llewelyn Moss, and Eli Sunday? Surely they had some issues. Were Llewelyn and Eli good? Bad? Both good and bad? Why were they both punished?

Who would you award Oscar to in your life? In what category would you receive your Oscar? Hint: Think about your strengths. And dream on.

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