Friday, August 12, 2011

Are You Moving Forward?

According to Thomas Delong, a Harvard Business School Professor, if we’re not moving forward, we’re regressing.  The only way that individuals change is to do something new, which by definition means you’ll do it poorly…  Delong believes people can change at any age.
Sometimes it’s difficult to move forward.  We get complacent.  As Jeffrey Rubin, psychotherapist and author, says: When all is going well… we feel good. And we continue to do what works. But success is a barrier to creativity. We often coast during those times. And as a result, we don't learn anything new, and we don't grow.
How do you keep moving ahead when you’re not in crisis?  Think about the times in your life you were really moving forward.  What got you going?  You probably had a specific goal or purpose in mind.  You wanted to get a job and needed a degree or training.  You wanted to play a concerto and needed to practice.  You got an idea that you wanted to run a marathon and it kept sticking around.
There are many ways to be in stay in action.  Possibilities include:
*Keeping a running list of ideas about things you’d like to accomplish, adding to it and modifying it on a regular basis
*Journaling routinely about the goals you’re working on and would like to work on
*Challenging yourself to be better in something daily by, setting a daily intention
*Inspiring yourself to take on something new by writing it down and getting specific
*Creating more inner space to give yourself an opportunity to consider a new direction
*Jumping in and trying something different, just because it seems fun or interesting
My challenge to you:  pick one of these, or create your own, and work it
Takes time, you pick a place to go, and just keep truckin on.  Truckin’, Grateful Dead


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