Monday, September 24, 2018

10 Ways To More Effectively Harness The Inspiring Energy Of Your Favorite Self-Help Books

You’re psyched. You scoured the latest self-help books and found the perfect one for you, one with a title along the lines of Six Simple Steps to Your Perfect Body, complete with a companion diary outlining each of the six steps.
Or perhaps the title is more like Change Your Attitude, Change Your Relationships, partnered with an accompanying workbook.

Or perhaps your passion this week led you to a book like The Idiot's Guide to Finding the Perfect Job, with a pocket manual for creating a career that will bring you joy.

You’re like the 78% of people between the ages of 18-70 who "say they want to change a fundamental aspect of themselves", and so you're reading a chapter a day in your eagerness to progress toward your goals for personal growth.
The books are right there on your bedside table so you won't forget to visit them daily.
And yet, you’re not losing weight, your attitude hasn't changed, and you still have no idea how to find your dream job.

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