Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Life Through Chemistry

I’m a little behind the times, but I set aside an article that caught my eye. The Boston Globe reported recently on a drug being developed to produce the benefits of exercise, without the exercise. This, from the same scientist that brought us the genetically engineered Mickey ,who could eat more without gaining weight, as well as running twice as far as his mouse friends.

Okay, I know some people need to exercise and lose weight and can do neither. And I’m talking about those who cannot, for various reasons actually beyond their control, not just because of general lassitude and whatever other reasons. But what about the rest of us? Let's face it…the temptation would be far too great. Or would it?

If you could have the perfect body, the perfect mind, the perfect life, through chemistry alone, would you? I’m reminded here of Woody Allen’s Sleeper.

It’s like cooking. Sometimes I’m in a hurry and open a jar of Ragu. But if I really want a good meal, I’ve got to start from scratch. Or at least from canned tomatoes. It’s not that I don’t like shortcuts. But after a point, what’s the use of so many shortcuts? If you could be hypnotized and then block out everything painful in your life, what would be left? And what if you accidentally blocked out some of the positives. Like the way Prozac keeps you from getting too low, but also keeps you from getting too high.

I guess what I’m saying here is the only better life is through work and effort. Sometimes it’s difficult. There’s pain, loss and grief. But sometime it’s easy. There’s joy, abundance and ecstasy. So go for the burn baby.


Unknown said...

Nature provides all the drugs we need. ;-)


Judith Tutin said...

You could say that...