Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take me out to the Ballgame

There’s something about the playoff games and of course the World Series games that inspires. Even the damn yanks with their $200,000,000 payroll are fun to watch, winning or losing; either way they’re really kickin it. Stolen bases, errors, sacrifices, beards, sunflower seeds, flying objects (other than baseballs), grand slams, and amazing plays. The National anthem, the seventh inning stretch, God Bless America in the rain, the fans cheering, booing, interfering with play, rookies and old timers, it’s all there.

The best of the best are out there playing their hearts out. They train, they work all season, and now they have a chance to be the world champions. It’s a great example of high performance that we can learn from.

Routines. Pitchers and batters alike have their set routines that enhance focus. Consider the routines you have, or ought to have, to start your day, shift tasks or improve concentration.

Teamwork. Though these games seem to be all about pitching, the pitchers can’t do it alone. They need all the guys on the field to win. How’s your team? Is everyone working together to make things happen?

Playing through the pain. You know there are players with injuries who just keep going for the opportunity to play the big games. What’s your big game? What’s important enough for you to show up for, even though you have to push through the pain?

Staying positive. You hear the interviews with managers and players. They’re pumped and they’re positive. They tell you what they’re gonna do, not what they can’t do. Are you keeping it positive? Setting your sights on the big goals?

I think we can all take a few pointers from our favorite sports stars, film stars and other heroes.

And don’t forget the snacks to help keep your energy up…peanuts and crackerjacks anyone?

Mood music, of course: Take me out to the ballgame.

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