Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wait a Minute…Women’s Weight Concerns

A recent study found that 30% of women would trade at least a year of their life to attain their idea body image.  10% would trade 2-5 years!!!  These same women are apparently willing to sacrifice money, promotions, time with family and their health, for this same goal of attaining ideal body weight and shape.

Wait a minute.  Have they ever heard of exercise and eating a healthy diet?  I’m reminded of boob jobs and, my recent favorite, surgery to produce elf ears.   Yes, seriously.

But there are reasons for their concerns.  Almost half of the women in the study had been ridiculed because of their appearance.  Almost all had negative thoughts about their physical appearance within the prior week.  The real kicker, 98% were within the normal range for weight.

I’ve gone on about healthy eating and exercise before.  Let me try something a little different here.  How often have you done the following:

-Told a woman (friend, lover, sister) teen or girl that she looks great, healthy or fit?
-Complimented a woman for eating healthy?
-Praised a woman for keeping up her exercise routine?
-Accepted that a woman doesn’t want seconds or dessert the first time she declines?
-Suggested a woman take some time for herself to go to the gym or take a walk?

Can you think of other ways to support the women in your life in their exercise and dietary goals?  I have to say, I’m a healthy eater and an avid exerciser.  Some would use other adjectives to describe my eating and exercise.  People tease me about both.  I’m suggesting that we try to support women and girls in their efforts, and offer appropriate praise for physical appearance.  And when doubt strikes, wait a minute, and ask yourself what’s really important?

Beautiful Soul, Jesse McCartney


Anonymous said...

After dinner comes the reckoning.

Judith Tutin said...

And....where are you going with this anonymous?