Saturday, June 11, 2011

College and Your Signature Strengths

While Mike Rose, author of Why School?, says you have to think about the cost of college in relation to the benefits, he also points out that it’s not just a question of the economics.  Indeed, his points all relate to values that underlie signature strengths.

Rose asks that we consider what it means to be educated.  In addition to how much you’re going to earn, consider the following reasons to consider education beyond high school, and the strengths I associate with each:

Civic purpose – To have a functioning democracy in which the citizens understand something about politics and economics.  Strengths:  Citizenship, Leadership

Intellectual growth – Learning enables you to find interests and pursuits that expand your vision.  Strengths:  Judgment, Critical thinking, Love of learning

Social benefit – Education helps us learn to think together and sometimes disagree, to problem solve together, and it exposes us to other points of view.  Strengths:  Open-mindedness, Perspective, Teamwork

A place to experiment – College is a place you can figure out what you want to do with your life and find your passion.  Strengths:  Future-mindedness, Sense of purpose, Zest, Enthusiasm, Passion

I say you consider tweaking your strengths by continuing your education, at any phase of life.


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