Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiration for a Boomer Birthday

Several days before my birthday I heard about a 61 year old about to swim from Cuba to Miami.  Diana Nyad isn’t just anybody.  She’s one of my public radio “friends.” After 30 years of retirement from competitive swimming, she decided to try it again (she’d tried it before in 1978).  Talk about grit, optimism and high performance.  It’s a great story.
When my birthday came and I was about to go on my morning run, I decided to make it count.  Instead of the usual pre-work 4 miles right from my house through the neighborhood, I was inspired by Diana’s story.  I went to my favorite running place and ran the 5 I really felt like running.  I was rewarded with a white heron, some deer and a fawn, the wind on my face and a feeling of freedom.  I got to that sweet spot of running where your legs, arm and breath are all in perfect synchrony.  I was grateful that at my age I can still do an easy 5 miles in a beautiful, serene setting and that I was able to take the time to make it a little more special that day.
There are so many small ways to make life a little sweeter.  You don’t have to swim 104 miles.  How can you turn something routine into something just a little more special?  Be inspired.
From Diana’s story, AHorse With No Name, America


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Judy'sAlterEgo said...

Thank you for your comment referring to my Aug 24, 2011 post.