Saturday, July 2, 2011

Real Men Get Healthy…And It’s Not Just for Men

Men don’t see to their health the way women do.  It’s just a fact.  That means they don’t get screenings they need and don’t get go to a doctor for health problems they notice.  No, not all men, but too many.  There are many reasons including the idea that it’s not macho to ask for help, that it fits with the higher risk-taking seen among men and that it’s related to emotional suppression.

Men who are self-reliant, real men perhaps, tend to take better charge of their health.  It’s not self-reliant as in doing everything on your own, it’s more like knowing you need to take control, because no one else will.

Women are not immune to some of these same difficulties.  I’m the first to admit that I can be too macho at times.  Witness me forcing that yoga pose that my body is really not ready for.  Ditto suppressing difficult emotions and taking undue risk.

What’s a man or woman to do?

*Everyone worries about their health, male or female.  It’s okay to have appropriate concern and take appropriate steps like…

*Checking with your doctor about things you might need to do.  Don’t have a doctor?  Get one.  Read about health screening you might need.  Consider your family history and  look more closely at screenings for diseases present in your family.

*Learning more about how to stay healthy whether male or female.

*Make a plan for your health maintenance by having reminders in your calendar (which is probably electronic so you can plan ahead for the next 50 years or so) and be clear on your intention to stick to the plan.

*Take control and use your grit.  You can only be there for your family, friends or work if you’re healthy.

I’ve written before about healthy life styles.  I’m not saying it’s all about seeing doctors and taking tests.  It’s also about learning and being active in your own healthcare.  It doesn’t have to be new year’s to make a resolution.  How about it?  Be manly.  Take one step to be more in charge of your health today.


Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This enter helped me in my college assignment. Thnaks Alot

Judith Tutin said...

You're welcome!