Friday, October 14, 2011

New Habits Require Patience (and a few other things)

I like the way Michael Arloski talks about developing new habits in his book, Wellness coaching for lasting lifestylechange.  In short:

*Patience helps us stick to new behaviors even when they’re difficult.  It’ll get easier.

*Self-compassion allows us to keep positive instead of letting in self-criticism.

*Celebration encourages us to notice the positive changes and take time to feel really good about them.

*Structures are reminders (like an alarm on your phone or a picture of your desired vacation destination on your desk) of what we want to do.

*Support from others helps us stay on track.

*Coaches help us do all of the above and keep doing it even when the going gets tough.

Whether you’re cutting out coffee or cheesecake, adding walking or swimming, or practicing your loving kindness each day, change is hard.  Cultivating patience helps with all of the above, all of which help with developing new habits.

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Dulce at The Bright Side Life Coaching, L.L.C. said...

I love this post! It definitely inspired me :) Good work on the blog...

Judy'sAlterEgo said...

Thanks so much. Good work on your blog as well!