Saturday, October 29, 2011

Are you Practicing TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)?

As a society, we greatly underestimate the effects of lifestyle on our psychological and social well-being and optimal cognitive functioning.  So says Roger Walsh who talks about eight of the areas we might all consider if we’re going to make some TLCs.

*Exercise – need I say more?

*Nutrition and diet – this includes what we eat (eat more fruits and vegetables, some fish-- preferably those low in mercury, and reduce calories) and supplements, the latter of which are recently as controversial as ever.

*Nature – as in, spend more time there and less with your iBuddies.

*Relationships – particularly our social capital or connections with others.

*Recreation – have more fun.

*Relaxation and stress management - do more meditation, relaxation and/or yoga.

*Religious/Spiritual Involvement – beneficial are approaches with an emphasis on forgiveness and love (vs punishment and guilt).

*Contribution/Service –best summarized by:  “’give back’—instead of Prozac” (cited in Walsh).

Let’s throw in good sleep hygiene while we’re at it, which Walsh does mention as one of many other TLCs.

My challenge to you:  Do a self-evaluation of each area.  You know how well you’re doing.  Then pick a couple of areas and do something new or different.  Kick it up a notch.

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