Saturday, January 14, 2012

Feeling Bad? Just Work Through It

Running and songwriting share similar principles.  When it doesn’t feel good, you just work through it.  Ben Gibbard, Death Cab for Cuties.

I heard something similar the other night in my Yin yoga class.  In Yin, the poses are held longer.  This requires patience and persistence, occasionally in the face of some discomfort.

In each case, the persistence, working through, patience, whatever you want to name it, helps you get through.  The process helps you develop confidence in your ability to face life’s challenges, whether in your work, relationships or other activities.

This is a difficult lesson for some of us.  Like our vegetables when we were kids, hard work is good for us.

Consider what you’re doing in your life.  Your work.  Your family.  Your relationships.  Your hobbies.  Try to work through the discomfort that comes up and persist.  To help, you can try some of these:

*stop judging yourself (I’m not good enough, strong enough, special enough… to…)

*relax, take a breath and go on

*talk to yourself in an encouraging way (You can do it!)

*just keep at it a little while longer

*remind yourself how good it’s going to feel when you accomplish your goal

*break it down into smaller steps if needed

Sometimes things just don’t feel good.  When it’s something you really want, you just have to work through it.  It’ll be worth it.

Stay Young, Go Dancing, Death Cab for Cuties

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