Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cultivating Patience

What is patience to you?  If you’re like most people, it’s either something you think you have or don’t have.  What if patience is something that can be cultivated?  What if it’s something you can have more of tomorrow, than you did yesterday?  What if you can grow it, like a garden?

Kabat-Zinn talks about patience in Full Catastrophe Living.   He says patience is a kind of wisdom. What I get from him is that patience involves:

*Letting little hassles go
*Not rushing
*Not trying to get someplace better than right now
*Accepting that things happen in their own way and in their own time

A lot of what we are all working toward every day involves change.  Change requires practice.  Practice requires patience.  Consider cultivating your patience.

Ask yourself:

*What’s the rush?
*Will this matter in a week? 2 weeks?  6 weeks?
*Do I need to let this go?
*How can I let this go?
* How can I be less judgmental of myself? Of others?

Try to:

*Relax your body and mind
*Be mindful; focus on the present and see, hear and feel everything around you
*Hit the reset button and look at things from a fresh perspective

Whether or not you have a green thumb, patience can be cultivated and grown.  Ask yourself the questions.  Try the strategies.  See what comes up in your garden.

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